Aeronautical Legislation Course EASA Part M – e-Learning


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EASA Part M Air Law Course target is to Continuing Airworthiness staff, Quality/Compliance Monitoring Manager and auditors.

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The Aeronautical Legislation Course – EASA Part M aims to analyse the Air Law subjects, that concentrate the main Aeronautical Legislation applied to the Continuing Airworthiness Organisations, as well as the framework of the technical requirements.

It equally addresses the recent regulatory developments of the Civil Aviation.

1- Course Introduction
2- Objective / Importance of Part M
3. Part M Structure
3.1. Section A – Technical Requirements
31.1. Subpart A – General
3.1.2. Subpart B – Accountability
3.1.3. Subpart C – Continuing Airworthiness
3.1.4. Subpart D – Maintenance Standards
3.1.5. Subpart E – Components
3.1.6. Subpart F – Maintenance Organisation
3.1.7. Subpart G – Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation
3.1.8. Subpart I – Airworthiness Review Certificate
3.2. Section B – Procedures for Competent Authorities
3.3. Appendices to Annex I (I until VIII)
4. Course Conclusion
Evaluation Test

Aeronautical Legislation Part M

4 – Formação a distância – E-learning (individual)

Summative Evaluation.

A training certificate is issued to trainees who participate in the course for a total of 6 hours and obtain a minimum of 75% in the knowledge assessment test.